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Are you looking for the most creative presents for travelers? Here's a list with the best ideas to keep yourself and your travel-addict friends happy – Experiencing the Globe #Wanderlust #PresentForTravelers #CreativePresents #BestPresents #BestGifts

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There’s always an event coming –Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary… if the person you’re shopping for suffers from wanderlust (like me!), I got you covered! If you’re the one doing the traveling and you’re making sure you’re not missing something important, you’re more than welcome to have a look too. I love every product in this list, and I think every traveler will too. So here are the most creative presents for travelers –the best ideas to keep yourself and your travel-addict friends happy.

A trip

Nothing could be a better present for someone that loves to travel, right? Flight or bus tickets, accommodation, excursions… Here you’ll find the best tips on how to book the perfect trip.

→ Tickets

If you’re shopping for Christmas, keep an eye on the incredible offers airlines have, especially for Back Friday and Cyber Monday. Ryanair and Easy Jet have return tickets sometimes for only a few euros all over Europe, and even connecting Europe with Africa and Asia. In South America Latam often offers up to 60% discount. If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, and you want to go ‘everywhere’, take a look at my list for inspo and head to Skyscanner. You tell them from where you’re flying and they will tell you to where and when the cheapest tickets are available (like this I managed to get tickets London–Bucharest for £7, London–Warsaw for £8, and Split–Stuttgart for 5€! Yes, those were the final prices. Pretty awesome, right?).

If anyone is christmas shopping for me, I'm a size window seat in plane tickets – Experiencing the Globe

Also, don’t rule out train and bus rides. Especially around Europe. The continent is quite small and really well connected, so within a few hours you can be in a different country. Through Omio I’ve gotten tickets to the next country for only a couple of euros –once I even got a ticket from Vienna to Prague for 1€

→ Accommodation

When it comes to where to stay, has great deals! I’ve stayed in dorms for only a few euros, and in hotel rooms for as low as 10€! Don’t miss out!

→ Excursions

You have your ticket and booked a bed, now what? Activities! There’s always a lot to see, so a good way to optimize your time is to book excursions in advance. With Get your Guide you can hire private transport, book a guided tour, get ‘skip the line’ tickets to attractions, and pretty much anything you can think of to make the most out of your time in your destination.

As much as I love to explore on my own, there have been many time when Get your Guide has been a lifesaver! I got a ‘skip the line’ ticket to visit the Vatican museum, and it was amazing to walk through literally hundreds of people waiting to get in without losing a minute. I’ve also gotten a few tours to quirky places, impossible to discover on my own, like Chernobyl.

The most creative presents for every kind of traveler

If what you’re looking for are presents you can wrap, go to Amazon. Here are my suggestions for the best presents you never thought about before. Thank me later 🙂

→ For the adventurous

A survival kit is a must have for camping, hiking, biking, climbing, or traveling in general, to get you out of an emergency. Or to brag about being the most prepared one.

Another must for adventurers is a LifeStraw. This amazing straw filters up to 4000 liters of contaminated water and doesn’t need a battery. This can literally save your life! I take mine everywhere I go, because you never know…

One very simple and inexpensive gift for anyone into adventure is a Paracord bracelet. Around your wrist you’ll get a fire starter, a high-quality compass, a loud whistle, a survival LED light, an emergency knife, and 2.65 meters (12 feet) of military-grade 550 paracord. You’ll look outdoorsy, and you’ll be prepared for whatever nature has in store for you,

→ For the world travelers

A universal power adapter and converter. No matter where you go, no matter if it’s the US, Europe, Asia or Australia, in over 160 countries you’ll be able to recharge with this little gadget. With 4 USB ports and 1 AC socket, you can charge 5 devices simultaneously.

Another vital item to go out and about in the world is a portable solar charger. It’s light and easy to carry, and will keep your gadgets all juiced up.

→ For the writers

A traveler’s notebook for trip planning and travel journal. Document you journey the old-fashioned way and bring home the perfect souvenir: your memories.

If you’re looking for self discovery within your travels, the perfect item is the “You Are Here: A Mindful Travel Journal“. Through simple mindfulness techniques you’ll see your journey from a different perspective.

→ For the readers

A Kindle. I can’t recommend it more. It’s the best way to have as many books as you want with you, an carry only 160 grams. I’ve had the paperwhite version for years now, and I love it! When you get it, make sure you read these books to feed your wanderlust.

→ For the coffee lovers

A portable espresso machine. Nanopresso is the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine, perfect for your daily the coffee fix while traveling.

→ For the wine lovers

An insulated travel wine tote bag, with capacity for 2 bottles + wine and cheese kit. Perfect for a day trip, and for bringing wine back home safety in a suitcase.

→ For the hostel goers

A high-tech sleeping mask, made of plush and cotton material, not only is breathable and washable, but it has integrated headphones with built-in speaker, with noise cancelling technology. Having a snorer around won’t bother you anymore 🙂

→ For the ones into photography

A drone with an integrated HD camera. If you’re new to aerial photos, with this drone you’ll be able get your shots to the next level. Not only it’ll give original angles, but you’ll be comfortable carrying it –it weights less than 3 pounds (just a bit over a kilo).

→ For the ones that love water

A universal waterproof case for smartphones. Whether you go to the beach, to a swimming pool, to a water park, or snorkeling, this is a necessary gadget. 

→ For the ones that play it safe

A special travel scarf, an infinity scarf with a hidden zippered pocket. It won’t only keep you warm, it’ll also provide a secure spot for a passport, wallet and phone.
There are all sort of products with hidden pockets, from bras to belts, so look for the one that feels more natural to you, and stay safe!

→ For inspiration

Best in Travel is Lonely Planet’s guide with the must-visit countries, regions, cities and best-value destinations of the year. They launch it just before Christmas, making it the perfect present for inspiration and to discover the up-and-coming of traveling. Other amazing titles are Epic Hikes of the World if you love the outdoors, The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World if you want to tick off each country, Epic Drives of the World for the road trippers, and Atlas of Adventure for the ones looking for adrenaline.

→ Bonus track: for every kind of traveler

The Travel Tool Kit is the lightest travel kit in the world. It has all the essentials you need for your journey inside a packing cube, no matter if it’s a day trip or a RTW year long trip. It comes in pink or in blue. They really care about the environment, so everything in the kit is reusable and recyclable, and they donate part of the earnings to the NGO The Ocean Clean Up. Doesn’t get better, right?
You can get it from Amazon, or directly from their website (where you can use the code ‘experiencingtheglobe’ to get a 5% discount!).

Hope you make someone happy with any of these presents! Let me know in the comments!
Happy celebrations and happy travels! ✈️


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Are you looking for the most creative presents for travelers? Here's a list with the best ideas to keep yourself and your travel-addict friends happy – Experiencing the Globe #Wanderlust #PresentForTravelers #CreativePresents #BestPresents #BestGifts
Are you looking for the most creative presents for travelers? Here's a list with the best ideas to keep yourself and your travel-addict friends happy – Experiencing the Globe #Wanderlust #PresentForTravelers #CreativePresents #BestPresents #BestGifts
Are you looking for the most creative presents for travelers? Here's a list with the best ideas to keep yourself and your travel-addict friends happy – Experiencing the Globe #Wanderlust #PresentForTravelers #CreativePresents #BestPresents #BestGifts
By Coni from Experiencing the Globe

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  1. Yes the life straw is such a good idea! Not only for decontamination but for reducing your single plastic use and being a sustainable traveller and just generally as a human being!

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