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If you’re looking for inspiration about a destination, motivation to start traveling (or to travel more), or simply you’re after the ultimate bucket list of travel experiences around the world, you’re on the right place! I have spent all sorts of time looking at maps, reading books and blogs on traveling, trying to narrow down a list of the best this world has to offer, and I think I nailed it. But don’t take my word, have a look at it!

I can’t believe that this day finally arrived! I started researching for this list years ago. I struggle about what activities to include, and how to find a balance between continents. When I finally thought it was done, I changed things a million more times. Until I decided to publish it. I came back and forward with the idea of a blog. Who would want to read about my travels, right? But then I realized it isn’t about me, but about the inspiration you can get from my list and my drive to tick every single thing off. So here we are, launching my blog!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, I really hope you enjoy my journey and start your own soon! Please tell me about it when you do!

Before we embark on this adventure, I just want to get two ideas off my chest, that will help you to understand me, and probably also to understand why you too should want to see the world.

Homesick for places I’ve never been before

When I see photos of my travels past I find myself. I recognize a genuine smile, I see how real happiness fills my heart when I’m experiencing the globe. And that feeds my wanderlust. So I need to hit the road again. What I keep discovering is that getting to the destination most of the time is the adventure. As much as you aim at a specific place, the things you discover on the way end up being better. And even if you have a cool list of places to tick off, what you long for the most are all the hidden treasures you know you’ll discover on the road. It’s all about the journey!

The politics of traveling

When you start traveling, usually you’re happy with a photo of a landmark, or of a crystal-clear beach. Mostly it’s about bragging. And don’t get me wrong, I do that too. It’s great to Instagram your perfect shot and see the likes coming your way. But with time you start treasuring more the photos of local people you meet on the way, or of landscapes that made you stop the car in the middle of the road because you couldn’t believe how beautiful they are. But I keep even deeper in my heart all I’ve learnt. Traveling puts the world in perspective. It helps you understand why a place is how it is, why its people have that particular sense of humor, how the architecture took the shape it has, and maybe even why conflicts happen. Traveling is as much a political act as marching for any cause.

*For the ones that wonder, I’m still working as a political analyst, this is just the perfect complement <3

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