The girl behind the posts

The girl behind the posts

Experiencing the Globe - Round the globe

In a nutshell...

My name is Constanza Fernández (but you can call me Coni!).

I was born in Chile to refugees and immigrants grandparents, so wanderlust literally flows through my veins. I’m also a Human Rights lawyer turned travel writer and photographer.

I seek to spread one simple message: we are all the same. In Experiencing the Globe I’m sharing stories and insights from around the world, in hopes of bringing you mindfulness, inspiration and knowledge. Expect off the beaten path (even within the classics), and always a focus on sustainability.

Where am I going? Well, I created the ultimate travel experiences bucket list to guide my journey!

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Experiencing the Globe - Around the globe

Wanna know a bit more?

I was born and raised in the remote, diverse and stunningly beautiful South American country of Chile, the place that adopted my refugee and immigrant grandparents. My family roots are in Spain, Romania and Germany, so to make a full circle out of life, I moved to Europe. These days, when I’m not on the road, I go home to Croatia (my boyfriend’s birthplace). So if there’s one thing that defines me is wanderlust, the fact that I want to go everywhere!

I know that’s crazy –not even with a few lifetimes it’d be possible! So I thought of a way to tackle all I’m passionate about in a list. I love photography, I made a career out of international political analysis, I love animals more than humans, I think the world would be awesome if wine ran out of taps, and I’m genuinely happy when I get to go somewhere new and learn about history, make new friends, marvel at nature, taste new flavors, and experience different cultures and traditions.

So, I came out with a list of experiences I want to have around the world in this life. A travel bucket list. Not only of places, but of what I’d love to live in them. From exploring the ‘mercado de las brujas’ –‘market of the witches’– in La Paz, to drink bier in Oktoberfest in Munich, to climb one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to see komodo dragons in Indonesia, to meet people from ancient tribes in Papua New Guinea, to hike to Everest and K2 base camps, to navigate through icebergs in Antarctica… years of research ended up in the ultimate 201 experiences around the globe!

I tried to make it as inclusive as possible, but it obviously reflects my own agenda. Of course I’m bias into seeing lots of my own country, Chile, but in all honesty, it deserves it! It also includes places that are relevant to me only because of family ties, like the birth towns of my grandparents. And some places that interest me for professional/political reasons, like Chernobyl. But all and all, it was meant to inspire <3

Experiencing the Globe - Around the globe

The ‘why’ of my journey

My mission is to spread one simple message: we are all the same. I studied Law to seek justice, I worked as a Human Rights adviser and as a professor to help improve people´s quality of life, I got a postgrad degree in International Relations to better understand how the world works, and now I’m putting it all together in Experiencing the Globe, where I’m sharing stories and insights from around the world, trying to spread mindfulness, inspiration and knowledge. Because beyond the media and the politicians’ created fear that “they” are against “us”, the reality is that the world is kind. That, no matter where we were born, what language we speak, which traditions shape us, or what our beliefs are, we are just one human race. We are all the same!

That’s why you’ll see geopolitical analysis, slow travel, off the beaten path destinations (even within the classics), and always a focus on sustainability, a subject really close to my heart, and that should be of the utmost importance to any traveler.

The world has so much to explore than maybe my travels will encourage you to see a bit more of it. To try to understand it better. To live a more adventurous life. To experience the kindness yourself. Traveling puts the world in perspective. It helps you understand why a place is how it is, why its people have that particular sense of humor, how the architecture took the shape it has, and even why conflicts happen. Traveling is as much a political act as marching for any cause.

Travel is the healthiest addiction, so join me as I go through my chosen 201 experiences ‘round the globe!



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